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Virtual Learning Technology

Whether a teacher is physically in the same room as his or her students or not, our virtual learning technology ensures that students can remain present and understand the lesson.

Student and Teacher Technology

When needed, the school can outfit every student in grades 1-4 with his or her own iPad, students bring their own headphones. For students in grade 5, the school provides Google Chromebooks. In Grades 6-8, students bring their own device.

Intimate Learning

Teachers are provided with a wide variety of devices to use for planning and teaching. This 1:1 capability enables a highly individualized learning experience when in virtual classes, or when a lesson commands a high level of technological integration.

Various Technologies

Classrooms are outfitted with advanced remote-controlled cameras, sensitive microphones/speakers, and dedicated mini-computers to insure strong synergy between and among various technologies. When a teacher is demonstrating a lesson, whether he or she has students in the room or not, this equipment enables students to follow along and comprehend the lesson. Teachers who are unable to be in the same room as their students can hear and see clearly when a student is showing work or answering a question.