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Pokémon Declensions

Students in Ms. Fiorile's Grade 7 Latin class decided to work together to make their very own Pokémon movie in Latin. The students used a variety of different technologies to create this one-of-a-kind movie.


20 Fun Science Projects to do at home with your kids

Science projects are something that every grown-up remembers as a kid. Whether it was building a volcano with some plaster and baking soda, or mixing different paints in a bag to see what the result would be, these hands-on experiments act as great lessons for young students and will stick…


How can I help my kids prevent summer learning loss?

It’s summertime. Who doesn’t love summertime? It’s a time to be out in the sun, play outside with friends, learn a new skill, go to camp, go overseas on vacation with family, not worry about school! While every student deserves a break during the hot summer months, a concern for…


Great Apps to Download this Summer for Lower School Students

It is officially summer. Time to soak up some sun, head to the beach, maybe take a vacation, and of course, avoid the summer slide!  While we all enjoy the next eight weeks, the Gulf Stream School family is happy to suggest a few websites and apps that are used…

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Coaching During a Pandemic

The challenges of teaching students during the pandemic go beyond the classroom. Coaching at Gulf Stream School has always been rewarding because we focus on teamwork and communication as well as on doing our best. Our sports program for Middle School students in grades 5-8, is not the traditional approach.…


Navigating through School During a Pandemic

This year has definitely been a team effort. I was not at Gulf Stream School or working in a school when the pandemic swept the world, but everyone at GSS (and all over the world) really got a taste of what life was like without any safety protocols or guidance…

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FAQs About Private Schools, Asked by Parents

Private school education provides certain elements and benefits that are not as possible in a public school setting. Public schools inherently come with certain regulations and restrictions that private schools do not. While there are countless options available for both private and public education--both extremely high-quality, I might add--some people…

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Our Head of School’s Perspective on the Pandemic and Education

Here are my five most important takeaways from this unusual year at Gulf Stream School, navigating through the pandemic: In-person school is important. Relationships are more important. Traditions matter. Independent education is a valuable and durable investment. The GSS community can accomplish anything. In-Person Learning is Irreplaceable According to EdWeek,…