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Ways to Give

Our strong tradition of giving stretches back to when Gulf Stream School was founded in 1938.

How Your Service Aids our Mission

Whether you are a member of our Parents’ Auxiliary or a financial contributor, our proud culture of philanthropy continues to foster a long-standing partnership between the School and its families, ensuring that Gulf Stream fulfills its commitment to excellence.

Maintaining an outstanding faculty, an innovative curriculum, and our beautiful campus is expensive and tuition does not cover all of those costs. By participating, you help ensure the financial stability in today’s competitive school marketplace.

You also help advance the School’s mission and vision to empower students, inspire intellectual curiosity, and celebrate both effort and accomplishment. We encourage parents, alumni and their parents, grandparents, faculty, and friends of Gulf Stream to get involved!

Ways to Give

On behalf of Gulf Stream School, thank you for your generous support of our students, teachers, and programs.

  • Mail

    Donors can mail checks made payable to Gulf Stream School. 

    Gulf Stream School

    Attention: Development Office

    3600 Gulf Stream Road

    Gulf Stream, FL 33483

  • Online Gift

    Donors can make gifts using Visa, Matercard, American Express, or Discover by clicking here or calling the Development Office at (561)276-5225.

  • Gift of Securities

    Gifts of appreciated securities generally offer the donor tax advantages in two ways; the avoidance of capital gains and an income tax deduction. 

    To make a gift of stock, please use the below information and contact the Development Office at (561)276-5225 with the name and number of shares being transferred.

    DTC # – 8862

    Account # – 731-04340

    Account name – Gulf Stream School

  • Recurring Gifts

    Donors can set up monthly, quarterly, or semiannually installments to conveniently spread out payments and potentially increase their gift amount.

  • Matching Gifts

    Many corporations kindly offer matching gift programs. Utilizing this opportunity is a great way to double or multiply the amount of your contribution to Gulf Stream School.

  • Planned Giving

    The Heritage Society of Gulf Stream School was established in 2000 by the Board of Trustees to honor individuals who have included the School in their estate plans. 

    Among the various forms of gifts are bequests, remainder trusts, lead trusts, life insurance, gift annuities, and gifts of property or other tangible assets.

Ways of Giving Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective donors are encouraged to discuss their charitable giving plans with their legal, financial, or tax advisers. Gifts are deductible as provided by law. Please contact the Development Office at (561) 276-5225 if you have questions.

  • In what ways can gifts be made to Gulf Stream?

    There are several ways in which donors may contribute to the School. Gifts of cash (checks or credit card) are made most frequently. Gifts of appreciated securities and mutual funds are simple to facilitate and can earn the donor additional tax benefits. Many corporations match an employee’s charitable gift to the School, which is an easy way to increase the size of your gift to Gulf Stream.

    What could be more important than a child’s future? By engaging in the life of a close-knit family school, Gulf Stream children challenge their intellect, discover new talents, solidify their character, and prepare for lives of meaning and purpose.

    Maintaining an outstanding faculty, an innovative curriculum, and our beautiful campus is expensive and tuition does not cover all of those costs. By participating, you help ensure the financial stability in today’s competitive school marketplace.

  • What is capital giving?

    Independent schools depend on capital fundraising initiatives to provide funds for long-term needs. Capital gifts are typically gifts that help increase the endowment for scholarship, fund new construction, renovate or remodel existing facilities and classrooms, and purchase expensive equipment.

  • What is the difference between the Blue and White Fund and capital giving?

    The Blue and White Fund helps us live. It is designed to provide the School with necessary funds to fulfill the School’s greatest and most immediate needs that remain unfunded by tuition every year. Capital gifts help us grow. They are for the endowment (scholarship and special purposes), building, and faculty development. Independent schools raise capital gift for the three major categories:

    Building: from time to time, Gulf Stream School conducts internal and external surveys and evaluations. In the past, the results have identified a need for expanded, additional, or renovated space. After a need has been recognized, the Board of Trustees conducts a feasibility study before it begins the planning stages of a building project. After a project is approved, the School must raise the money. It is Gulf Stream School’s conservative policy that no construction can begin until all the money to fund the cost of building has been committed.

    Endowment funds: these are financial assets that generate income through investment of principal that supplement operating expenses and help minimize tuition increases. They also provide much needed money for scholarship. Endowment gifts benefit all areas of the School; they are the backbone of and security blanket for all independent schools. The National Association of Independent Schools has developed guidelines for schools of Gulf Stream’s size, determining that endowments should be (and in many cases are) a minimum of two and a half times the annual operating budget. It is the goal of Gulf Stream School to continually grow its endowment. Therefore, 10% of all unrestricted gifts will be placed in the endowment.

    Faculty benefits: these gifts increase the possibility of offering salary increases, incentives, and improvements to the benefits package for our faculty and staff. Faculty development and continuing education through experiential learning, conferences, pursuit of advanced degrees, networking, and other programs ensure that teachers are informed of any new techniques, technology, and other available opportunities. Independent schools recognize the importance of hiring and retaining the best possible administrators, teachers, and staff members.

  • How and when will I be approached to participate for capital giving?

    A volunteer member of a Gulf Stream School committee will write or call to arrange a personal meeting.

  • What size is a capital gift?

    A capital gift is usually larger than a Blue and White Fund contribution because it supports the long-term needs of the School.

  • May I pledge to pay over a number of years?

    Individuals usually pledge to pay over a number of years rather than all at once, though gifts may be made immediately. Commitments may be paid in cash, by check or credit cards, or in stocks. Gulf Stream School also receives planned gifts in the form of trusts and bequests.

  • Are capital gifts tax deductible?

    All gifts made to Gulf Stream School are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Will capital giving donors be recognized for their generosity?

    Yes. All contributors will be listed every year in the Annual Report and periodically in other School publications. Capital gifts can be attributed or listed anonymously. Naming opportunities are available for those considering a major gift.

  • How can I learn more?

    For more information, or to get involved, please contact the Development Office at (561) 276-5225 or email [email protected]

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