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Families of registered, full-year students are liable for the full year’s tuition unless they notify the Head of School in writing before June 1 that they wish to withdraw the student. The Re-enrollment Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Families of registered, full-year students are required to purchase Tuition Refund Insurance unless they choose Plan A.

Pre-K Three-year-olds (Pre-K3, 8:00 – 11:20 AM)
Pre-K Three-year-olds (Pre-K3, full day)
Pre-K Four-year-olds (Pre-K4, full day)
First Grade and Second Grade
Third Grade and Fourth Grade
Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades

Additional Fees

Gulf Stream School tuition includes: Art & Music, Science, Library, Computer fees; Standardized Group Testing (if applicable, not including SSAT); Transportation Fees (Field trips, Athletic events) and Smart Tuition enrollment. It also includes all the texts, workbooks, consumables, supplies and other materials that will be used by the student during the current year.

Application Fee (initial application) - All Grades
Deposit (Plan A and Plan B credited in July; Plan C credited in August)
Parents’ Auxiliary Membership Fee – one membership per family
One time enrollment fee

Optional Charges

Note: After School Program (ASP) Pre-K through Grade Four only.

Lunches, per day *This is an average and is a rate negotiated with the lunch provider

After School Programs

Depending on which offering is selected there may be an additional materials charge. The following Trimester charges are payable in advance:

5 days per week
$800 per trimester
4 days per week
$700 per trimester
3 days per week
$600 per trimester
2 days per week
$475 per trimester
1 day per week
$350 per trimester
Drop-in charge, per day
$35 per trimester

Tuition Assistance

Gulf Stream School endeavors to make available need-based financial aid to qualified students applying for Grades 1-8. Financial aid allows deserving students an opportunity for an independent school education while enabling the School to attract families and students with varied backgrounds and interests.

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Tuition Assistance Reviews

The Board of Trustees allocates a percentage of annual tuition revenue plus the amount determined yearly from the Endowment Spending Rule to fund the Financial Aid budget.

Financial aid decisions are made independently from admissions decisions and in no way affect a candidate’s chances for admission. Every effort is made to ensure the fair, equitable, and proper distribution of financial aid to families demonstrating need.

The Board of Trustees funds additional expenses of financial aid students (books, fees, and field trips) through the Helping Children Grow Fund and through requests made by the Head of School. Should additional financial aid funds be required to meet demonstrated need beyond the budgeted amount, the Head of School will request such funds from the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Please note that all financial aid requests, including financial information and award amounts, are strictly confidential. Families are expected to keep the amount of their awards confidential as well.