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Our Customized Athletics Programs

Physical activity has proven to be beneficial to students and their academic achievement, which is why we include it as a foundational focus for each of our students.

An Invaluable Resource for Lifelong Health

The value of exercise and physical education for students of all ages is better understood now than ever before. Sadly, however, due to other interests and activities, many children today are getting far less exercise than in the past and, because of budgetary constraints, many schools have also altered their physical education programs.

Our Athletic programs provide opportunities for social interaction, cooperative skills, and problem solving.

In addition to the health benefits of physical education, our programs also provide students with opportunities for social interaction and help develop cooperative and problem-solving skills. Programs are customized for each grade level and students are assessed multiple times throughout the year in order to monitor development. Middle school students will have the opportunity to participate in team sports and competitions.

At Gulf Stream School, we consider athletics to be an extension of our academic program and will continue to emphasize the importance of physical education.