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The Gulf Stream School Mission

Gulf Stream School empowers children to succeed, inspires intellectual curiosity, and celebrates both effort and accomplishment.

Gulf Stream School Values

  • Academic Vigor

    Gulf Stream School actively engages students and faculty in a challenging educational experience that fosters the skills, habits, and passion for lifelong learning.

  • Character

    Gulf Stream School develops moral courage, integrity, kindness, empathy, responsibility, courtesy, and respect for different backgrounds, talents, and interests.

  • Participation

    Gulf Stream School requires its students to participate in every aspect of school life, encouraging them to learn more about themselves and others, while preparing them for purposeful involvement in the local and global communities.

gulf stream private school students on the grass

The Gulf Stream School Approach

A Gulf Stream School education prepares students to move confidently and successfully into some of the best college preparatory schools in the country. Our graduates are known for their strong writing and study skills. Their many public speaking and performance opportunities also make them especially well-spoken and poised before an audience. Because their curiosity is nurtured and their participation in all aspects of school life is required, Gulf Stream School alumni are well-rounded, lifelong learners.

View our 2021 - 2025 Gulf Stream School Strategic Plan.

Our Academic Programs and Approach

Our program is structured, yet flexible, with an emphasis on the development of basic skills. English, mathematics, social studies, science, foreign language, computer, art, music, and physical education are required subjects. As preparation for long-term, purposeful involvement in the local and global communities, each class undertakes at least one community service project and many of our students volunteer their time to a variety of organizations outside of school as well.

In addition to a vigorous academic program, the curriculum at Gulf Stream School encompasses arts and athletics. Teachers encourage students to explore their interests and test the limits of their abilities within a safe environment. Recognition of both effort and accomplishment motivates students to focus on and enjoy the process of learning.