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Our Academic Promise

Our students are academically challenged and supported, and celebrated in both effort and accomplishment.

Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Gulf Stream School’s pre-kindergarten philosophy is rooted in teaching the whole-child. We define whole-child education as a method for stimulating a child’s academic, social, physical and emotional growth. Our multi-age program encourages children to interact with peers who are in various stages of development, which is effective for promoting a strong sense of communal learning between and among the children. At one moment a child may be acquiring beneficial skills and aptitudes by observing an older classmate, in the next moment that same child may be exemplifying those new competencies to his or her peers. Older students begin to develop and practice leadership skills, while increasing their self-confidence and empathy.

Kindergarten Programs

The Kindergarten program builds upon the foundation established in Pre-kindergarten as academic skills are introduced more formally in a dynamic, rich and varied learning environment. Our small class size affords teachers the opportunity to meet each student’s needs. Children are often provided with opportunities to integrate play and exploration into their learning. Projected interactive imagery as well as classroom iPad use complement instruction. Kindergarten students enjoy time in the library and take part in drama lessons once a week, music, art, and Spanish twice a week, and have physical education four times a week.

Lower School Academics

(Grades 1-4)

Lower School focuses on establishing solid academic skills and fostering each child’s personal growth. A strong emphasis on reading, language arts, mathematics, and writing is enhanced by incorporating science and technology, social studies, fine and performing arts, continued study of the Spanish language, and participation in physical education.

Middle School Academics

(Grades 5-8)

In Middle School, a continued balance between academic vigor and a nurturing learning environment endows students with essential skills for higher learning, and further reinforces the love of learning instilled throughout Lower School. Core academic subjects include English, Mathematics, History, Science, and Foreign or Ancient Language. Enthusiasm for learning, curiosity, and mastery are the goals at all grade levels, with an emphasis on executive functioning and  problem-solving strategies. Overnights are a unique and traditional feature of the middle school experience, with students enjoying a variety of enriching and exotic trips with their classmates and teachers.

Explore Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Pre-Kindergarten education is experience-based, interdisciplinary, and collaborative.

Explore Kindergarten Programs

In Kindergarten, students build upon the educational foundations begun in Pre-Kindergarten.

Explore Lower School Academics

In Lower School, we focus on establishing solid academic skills as well as fostering the personal growth of each child.

Explore Middle School Academics

Our Middle School faculty fosters an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable in seeking different intellectual avenues.

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