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Competition & stingray team sports

Here, our students learn practice, dedication, and teamwork through athletics and Stingray Team Sports.

Stingray Team Sports

Students in Grades 6 through 8 participate in a team-sports program that generally meets four times a week. This required program is fundamental in creating School unity and in developing an essential connection between a strong mind and body.

private school girls soccer team playing soccer

Games and practices each weekday except Fridays:

Season 1 Boys--flag football Girls--volleyball

Season 2: Boys--soccer Girls--basketball

Season 3: Boys--basketball Girls--soccer

Season 4: Boys--lacrosse Girls--lacrosse

Season 5: (Last 3-4 weeks) Boys and Girls: Regular PE, Golf, and/or Tennis

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Team Mentality

Through team memberships, students learn that they have a responsibility to themselves, their teammates, and their coaches to maximize the development of many interpersonal skills such as listening, expressing one’s opinion, following directions, accepting constructive criticism, and supporting the decisions of teammates and coaches.