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Competition & stingray team sports

Here, our students learn practice, dedication, and teamwork through athletics and Stingray Team Sports.

Stingray Team Sports

Students in Grades Five through Eight participate in the Middle School sports program which is focused on the following team sports: flag football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, and basketball. Gulf Stream School’s philosophy emphasizes sportsmanship, teamwork, participation, discipline, consistent practice, effort, and commitment. The school and its coaches believe firmly that sports can and should be an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding experience where individual strengths emerge and blend into a team effort.

Grades Five and Six

In Grades Five and Six individual skills are developed and team concepts are presented. The players are introduced to the strategies and rules of each sport. The aim of the Fifth and Sixth grade program is to provide an active learning environment in which all students receive as equal an opportunity to play as possible.

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private school girls soccer team playing soccer

Grades Seven and Eight

In Grades Seven and Eight, a slightly more competitive approach is implemented, allowing players to earn more playing time based on a positive attitude, effort, and skill development.