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Arts & Education

Our students receive a well-rounded education, so they are prepared for any future.

Art is both a tool for expression — and for learning.

We understand that a true world-class education must also be a well-rounded education. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many schools — both public and private — seem to dismiss or minimize the importance of the arts. We do not ascribe to this theory at Gulf Stream School.

The Benefits of Our Arts Programs

While Pre-K and Kindergarten programs are used to provide students with a solid arts foundation, the lower and middle school programs really allow them to enhance and showcase their skills with courses such as music perception, performance and response; art media and technology; theatrical performances; and formal speech preparation and presentation.

Our curriculum provides a variety of programs including art, music and theatre, each of which are scaled accordingly for grade levels.

Explore Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Arts

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students use games and exercises to develop their artistic skills in a variety of mediums.

Explore Lower School Arts

In Lower School Arts, students are encouraged to intellectually produce and critique music, theatre, and visual art.

Explore Middle School Arts

At this developmental point, each student's interest lends itself to more in-depth and involved exercises in each form of art.

pre kindergarten girl and boy drawing in art class
private school art students smiling with their project
private middle school performing arts