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Middle School Arts

In Middle School, our goal is to make art a significant source of enjoyment and fulfillment to each student, both now and throughout his or her life.

Middle School Music Foundation

The music program in Middle School is dedicated to the goal of making music a significant source of enjoyment and fulfillment to each student, both now and throughout his or her life.The single most important aspect of the curriculum is the production of music. To understand the inner workings of music and facilitate producing it, students learn to read and write musical notation, beginning with rhythm and progressing to the pitches of the treble and bass clefs.

Our Middle School Music Program

As the students learn the inner workings of music (melody, harmony, form, rhythm, tone color), they also produce it through singing, playing (rhythm instruments, Orff instruments, keyboards, and violins), moving, and performing. In addition to music class, students can audition for the Middle School choir, the Orff ensemble, and/or the English handbell choir. In developing an educated musical response, students are encouraged to respond analytically as well as emotionally to the work under consideration. The interplay between analysis and performance contributes to the acuity of the students’ perception.

Middle School Performing Arts Program

Performing arts focuses on including as many students as possible in our fall musical. The students learn the basic concepts involved in staging a production from the audition process, through the rehearsals, and into the performances. They learn the art of becoming a team in which all are involved directly in the building and outcome of the production.

Middle School Art Program

In Middle School art, the objectives continue to integrate art with science and history, while providing a multimedia program. Each student’s interest in more detail-oriented projects leads to more in-depth and involved exercises in drawing, painting, print-making, ceramics, design, and photography. Computer assisted graphic design is incorporated through digital publishing and digital imaging. Research and discussion about art history, modern art, and current trends is encouraged.

We teach our students a love of learning that will carry them into the future.