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Heritage Society

Thank you to our generous members who have included Gulf Stream in their estate planning.

The Heritage Society of Gulf Stream School was established in 2000 by the Board of Trustees to honor individuals who have included the School in their estate plans. Among the various forms of gifts are bequests, remainder trusts, lead trusts, life insurance, gift annuities, and gifts of property or other tangible assets.

Why consider including Gulf Stream School in your estate plans?

Gulf Stream School has a strong tradition of giving that stretches back to its earliest days. This generosity has allowed the School to grow into one of the finest Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Eight independent schools in the area and beyond. By naming Gulf Stream as a beneficiary of a planned gift, you are ensuring that future generations are afforded the same opportunities. There are various types of planned gifts that qualify for inclusion and may provide benefits for the donor(s), his or her family members, and Gulf Stream School.

Get Involved

If you have already included the School in your plans or are considering it, please contact the Development Office at (561) 276-5225, so that we may properly acknowledge your foresight and generosity. Members of the Heritage Society will be recognized in perpetuity for their contributions. We are very grateful to all who have included Gulf Stream School in their estate planning.