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Student Support

We are committed to the achievement and academic success of our students, in any way possible.

Student Achievement

Gulf Stream School employs a School Counselor who helps maintain the mental and emotional health of our students through student education and counseling, parent consultation, teacher collaboration, and referral to resources in the community, as needed. Support is given with the character lessons, as well as reacting to current events or concerns.

Classes & Consultations

Counseling is provided both on a one-on-one basis and in small group settings. Classroom guidance lessons are taught in 10 week blocks to grades Kg-4, throughout the school year. The Counselor provides Middle School teachers with character lessons that meet the age and developmental needs of those students.

Teachers & Parents

The School Counselor has an open door policy so students, faculty, and families should feel comfortable seeking assistance should the need arise. The School Counselor should be the first point of contact for a family who feels their child may be in need of social/emotional therapy, or a family whose child is already receiving private counseling.

Preliminary Evaluations

The job of the counselor is not to diagnose a child or provide traditional therapy as one would find in an office, but to act as a liaison between home and school, or with outside professionals while emphasizing that confidentiality is protected. Gulf Stream School’s Counseling Program is a proactive program that is designed to support the goals of building strong character and achieving academic success in each of our students. For a conversation or virtual meeting with the counselor, please contact Anita Benson at [email protected]‚Äč

Have a conversation or virtual meeting with our counselor.